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About Library

Our Mission Statement

The library seeks to be a cultural, intellectual, technological, and social center for the people of Weslaco.

Mr. Porter Phelan Doss
Mr. Doss

The Library is First Established
The library was established in 1948, as part of the Civic Center Complex on Kansas Avenue. Originally, it was run by community volunteers. Mrs. Pearl C. Doss provided a seed grant of $8,000 for the library's collection in memory of her late husband, Porter Phelan Doss.

Mrs. Doss
Mrs. Pearl C. Doss


First Library Building is Opened
The City of Weslaco provided funding for construction of the first facility dedicated solely to library services. The building now houses the Porter P. Doss Memorial Library. The first librarian, Frances Wyatt Isbell, was hired in 1971.

old Porter Doss

Early 1980s
Weslaco Votes to Support and Expand Library Services
The citizens of Weslaco approved a bond issue and federal funds of well over one million dollars for the construction of the present facility, which opened its doors to the public in January 1986. The new library was named the Weslaco Public Library.

Frances W Isbell Hank Page Antonio Tony Rico

The Library is Renovated and Expands
The library facility is a two-story Spanish style building. The Library is joined to the Mayor Eugene A. Brought Memorial Theater by a courtyard featuring water fountain and native plants. The Library was designed by Weslaco Architect, Gene P. Hobart.

joesanchezlibrary (1)


The Original Library is Reopened as the Porter Doss Memorial Library Building
The library opens the renovated Porter Doss Memorial Library Building. The site of the original library is converted into a youth and adult education space.

spanish class porter doss (Copy)

Weslaco Library is Renamed to the Mayor Joe V. Sanchez Public Library
The city commission moved to change the name of the Weslaco Public Library to the Mayor Joe V. Sanchez Public Library. Mayor Sanchez is a former mayor, historian, author and decorated veteran. Mayor Sanchez has since passed away in 2021, but continues to inspire the library in all of its educational endeavors and service to the community.


The Library Begins its Endeavor to Become a Technological Hub 
Begun through a bequest from Marion Booth, the Marion Booth Endowment is established. The Endowment sponsors projects which are new and innovative. The Endowment is administered through the Library Board and the goal of the Endowment is to provide long term funding for imaginative projects. 

1st floor lab (Copy)

The library creates a plan to establish themselves as leaders in provision of technology access. Culminating in the addition of the largest local electronic book collection, 3D printing, elite WiFi service, and most recently, a redesigned webpage.

circulation2 (Copy)


The library has created a new user-friendly webpage for patrons to easily access the catalog and Cloud Library while finding information on library programs, useful links, and e-books. In addition to new the website, the library has begun planning for a new library building on Kansas Ave. 

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